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Apple Agreement Contract

Apps may offer content, services, or features for use within those apps („In-App Purchases”). In-app purchases consumed while using the app (e.g.B. virtual gemstones) cannot be transferred between devices and can only be downloaded once. You must authenticate your account before making in-app purchases, independent of any authentication to obtain other content – by typing your password or using Touch ID or Face ID. You can make additional in-app purchases for fifteen minutes without re-authenticating, unless you`ve asked us to use a password for each purchase or to enable Touch ID or Face ID. You can disable the ability to make in-app purchases by following these instructions: If your order is placed on behalf of a tax-exempt entity or individual, please contact support under Please be prepared to provide proof of tax-exempt status. App Store or Apple Books content purchased in volume through the VPP service may be made available to your authorized end users either by direct transfer to the Apple account or by MAID of any authorized end user („Managed Distribution”), (ii) by distributing apple-generated alphanumeric codes („content codes”) that can be redeemed on the App Store for certain app content.

or in apple books for certain book content; or (iii) only for apps by assigning them directly to an iOS device, in which case (a) separate purchases must be made for each device (i.e., an individual license must not be shared simultaneously by multiple devices; and (b) you are considered an end user for the purposes of end user license agreements, Terms of Use or other agreements entered into by your authorized end users with respect to App Store volumes. – For each service, you can connect up to 10 devices (but only 5 computers at most) at the same time as your Apple ID, although simultaneous streams or content downloads may be limited to a small number of devices, as described below under Apple Music and Apple TV…

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