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An accurate description of the services gives the client a clear idea of what awaits them and lets the service provider know what they expect from them. While oral agreements may be enforceable, it is preferable to have written service agreements. By establishing a contract, you have the opportunity to explain the expectations on both sides of the agreement. Contracts define the extent of the work, the cost of the contract, when payments are to be made and how disputes are to be handled. If you do not have the agreement in writing, disagreements or misunderstandings may arise. 1.3. Where there are annexes to this agreement which provide, in addition to the provision of services, the performance of work including the transfer of their results to the client, the relations between the contracting parties are governed, among other things, by the specific provisions of civil law relating to contract work. 1.1. The contractor is required to provide after-sales service or perfumeries and the customer is required to accept and pay for them in order and under the terms of these Terms. A written service contract describes the terms of use, including a description of the work, the price of the service, insurance and more. It can also be used for a particular transaction or a continuous position that has no deadline at the time the contract is signed. A common problem with service contracts is not the appropriate responsibility – if the customer suffers losses due to the services provided by the provider, who bears the costs? A well-developed service contract contains provisions relating to benefits, liability limitation and insurance. In the interests of completeness, a service contract should also be addressed to supplier staff – employees, subcontractors and service assistants should be prevented from recruiting the customer`s customers and have the same confidentiality obligations as the supplier.

In most cases, service contracts are valid when they are signed online. Our services allow you to create contracts and email them to your customers. Your customers can sign contracts online and send them back to you electronically. This function is suitable for service contracts and other general contracts such as leases. You can sign with any device, including tablets, mobile phones and computers. 10.1 Injury defence. We will defend you at our expense or settle any claims, proceedings or actions of a third party („claim”) against you who claim that your use of the service violates or abuses patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights. You must (a) inform us immediately in writing of the request; (b) grant us full and complete control over the defence and resolution of the claim; (c) defence and claim resolution assistance, as we can reasonably require; and (d) respect all transactions or court decisions in relation to the claim.

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