Collaborative Participation Agreement

/Collaborative Participation Agreement

Collaborative Participation Agreement

„Unless otherwise agreed, no motion and motion shall be filed or served on all matters before reaching a final agreement, nor shall other applications or documents be prepared or filed that would trigger judicial intervention. Clients acknowledge that inappropriate communication regarding their divorce can be detrimental to their child/children. They agree that comparative issues are not discussed in the presence of their child or that communication with the child about these issues only takes place if it is done by mutual agreement or with the help of a neutral moderator or child specialist. Customers undertake not to change the child`s residence without first obtaining the written consent of the other client. Collaborative divorce offers an alternative procedure for parties seeking an out-of-court settlement. Collaborative divorce promotes agreement and the free exchange of information through private negotiations. Each party uses a lawyer and all four work together in a cooperative, non-adversarial process. We recognize that, while the Attorneys share an obligation for the trial described in this Agreement, (a) each of the Attorneys has an attorney-client relationship exclusively with and a professional duty to conscientiously represent his or her client and not other clients; (b) each of us can only rely on the advice of our own lawyers and not on the other client`s lawyer; (c) each lawyer may have confidential and privileged communications with his or her client; and (d) such communications are not contrary to the collaborative process. As I had the chance to model my participation agreement on the basis of the work of others, I welcome other professionals to modify and adapt the agreement below on collaborative participation as their own: we agree that both clients` lawyers and other professionals have the right to be paid for their services, and a first task in a collaborative business is to ensure payment to each of them. We understand that each professional (including a neutral facilitator and a neutral finance professional) has a separate hourly rate and may have a separate retainer requirement. We undertake to: If necessary, provide funds from our marital property or separated to pay these expenses from the following account: ______ It is not because a payment method is now identified that the fees of professionals are ultimately allocated differently. We understand that a client may be required, if necessary, to pay all fees (including the fees of the other client`s lawyer) arising from marital property managed exclusively by him or her or by him or by separate funds.

We agree that, to the extent possible, all costs and expenses incurred by both customers must be paid in full prior to the registration of a final judgment. Non-payment of fees is one of the reasons for the resignation of a member of the collaborative team, but not for the end of the collaborative process. Recognizing that clients mutually delay the filing date of an application for dissolution of marriage, clients acknowledge and agree: with the intention of binding, now and in the future, that ___ This date is also used when the collaborative process is completed or a partial solution is reached, unless clients agree on something else. . . .

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