Land Agreement Format In Bengali

/Land Agreement Format In Bengali

Land Agreement Format In Bengali

1. By a lease of rental legs, the date – indicates the tenant of one party and the seller is the tenant of the other party and registered to – under Sr. No. 1, from book 1, to the sub-registrar`s office at the seller`s address, the owner in question has indicated to the seller the land and premises that are described in the seller. 999 years, from the date of Rs. annual rent and on the pacts, general terms and conditions mentioned in it. Allowance (This is in the form of a lease) For the allocation of land by the government, the letter of award received by the Concern Authority such as RAJUK, National Housing Authority (jatiya Grihayan Kortripokho), Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) or Rajshahi Development Authority (RDA) or Khulna Development Authority (KDA), etc., or Cantonment Board or Wakf Administration or Trust Authority or other government authorities , including the Deputy Collector (DC) on the land or country of ownership or secretary of the ministry or head of the department etc. All payment documents, allowance requests, letters of sanction, gazette publication, registration after allowance, transfer in the name of allottee, etc., are important documents. When a property is transferred to someone other than the Allottee after the award, the purchaser (for example.

B the purchaser) must review all these documents and documents, grant the offending transfer authorization of the property, reassign his name after the transfer and pay a fee and collect transfer separation documents to prove his ownership, property and possession on the land. The registration of a tenancy agreement is mandatory if it is carried out by the lessor (owner of the property that transfers) and by the tenant (the beneficiary of the property) over a year such as the tenancy. B of a house, for example. The allote is authorized to receive the amount after full and final payment of the amount, either in installment payment or at any given time. It is common practice that not all state or leasing properties are given for sale, such as RAJUK property. 3. The buyer offered to acquire the land and lease land and the seller agreed to sell the same and transfer the lease to the terms agreed and specified below. A person may become an owner through an unfavourable property, i.e. if he can enjoy and retain his possession without interruption for more than twenty years. As far as government land is concerned, ownership can be claimed by possession after a period of continuous enjoyment of sixty years such as land or property of Khas, or property abandoned or belonging to Alluvion and Dilluvion. 12. If the seller does not issue a marketable security as shown above, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract by informing the seller of the termination at least fifteen days before the end of that period and after the expiry of that period and in this case the seller will return the serious money to the buyer and each party will bear and bear the costs and charges of that agreement.

A person may own a property through the sale or purchase, mortgage, leasing, exchange, Heba, is offered, expenses, estate, attribution, contrary possession, surrender of the courts, power of attorney, agreements or other forms of transfer, as indicated in the Law on the Transfer of Ownership of 1882. All land transfers must be registered in accordance with the 1908 Registration Act. 11. The seller states that this property is not subject to any acquisition or requirement and that it has not received any notification of heavy repairs or constructions. If a notice of acquisition or purchase or structural repairs is issued and received by the seller before the closing of the assignment, the buyer has the opportunity to revoke that contract and, in this case, the seller will return the serious money paid to him by the buyer.

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