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Workforce Agreement Police Scotland

„This strong agreement for Scottish police officers is an important recognition of the important work they are doing to support safer and stronger communities. It also reflects the positive relationship between police officers and employers in Scotland, where we have maintained collective bargaining. The Scottish Government has worked closely with the OSG and the Scottish Police to conclude the two-and-a-half-year contract, which puts more money in the pockets of civil servants and gives them and their families security. In April 2018, a salary bonus was agreed for police officers for the period from September 2017 to March 2019. Positive progress has been made towards reaching agreement with the unions on a package of measures to harmonize the salaries and conditions of police personnel. Funding to support this years-long investment in policing was developed in partnership between the OSG, the Scottish Police and the Scottish Government during the negotiations, and the final agreement reached is affordable as part of the financial comparisons expected between the central government and the police during the 31-month period covered by the award. „I am also aware of the importance of working with unions to modernize the pay, reward and conditions of all police officers. I am pleased that positive progress has also been made in this area. In 2015, the Police Scotland Staff Pay and Reward Modernisation (SPRM) team began the journey to transfer all staff to a single set of conditions, create a new single pay structure and establish a new set of guidelines. One of the benefits outside the scope of the project was pensions, as police officers are members of the municipal pension system and contribution/benefit rates are broadly similar for all employees. „I am also pleased that progress is being made in the negotiations on harmonizing salaries and rewards for police officers.

The ultimate goal of the SPRM exercise was to introduce justice and fairness and provide a modern and attractive set of rewards that meets the needs of a diverse workforce. „Progress in reaching a milestone agreement on police compensation and harmonization of rewards is also welcome. I thank all those involved in the negotiations and the commitment of all police officers who are committed to making the Scottish police one of the best in the world. The premium is dated September 1, 2018 and is valid until March 31, 2021. The salary bonus, which is part of a strategic investment in policing, provides that all officers under the rank of Vice Chief Constable receive an immediate and substantial increase in their salary. The agreement will represent additional salaries of $125 million for public servants during this period and is in line with efforts to rebalance the police budget. „I am pleased that we have reached an agreement, through constructive dialogue, on a compensation investment that recognises the important and valuable work our police officers do to ensure the safety of inhumane people in Scotland. The governance process is a challenge, she says. „Working within local community protocols can be very different from what they can do to this project in the private sector. For example, we have had a number of stakeholders, the Scottish Police Authority (the employer of all police forces), the Scottish Government and our unions.

After the approval of the negotiating parameters by the BOARD of directors of the SPA, the Scottish Government needs an additional agreement. In addition to an immediate wage premium, the agreement will also address issues of inequality and anomalies in wage growth.

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