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Right Of Way Agreement Ontario

Some buyers may simply not like the idea that others have the right to use the land in some way, and this objection could lead to a lost sale. Photo of the two houses with location of priority (orange) and border (blue) superimposed. Note the white poles and the car – both hinder free and clear access to the easement. The only access to the accommodation is through a driveway through the Willoughby grounds. Service owners do not own the entrance, but they keep an easement above to access the property. This right of way was conferred by an act of servitude when the OHT separated the dwelling from the Willoughby land in 1993. The act of servitude stipulates that service holders have been granted a „free, continuous and unhindered” right of passage. I can`t believe I can`t find the answer anywhere. Everyone in my neighborhood has an easement where I live. Some people choose to build (normally a fence) on the easement, which is not illegal, but the owner does it at his own risk, because if access to public services is necessary and the fence blocks access, the distribution company has every right to access it by any means, until the fence is removed without any liability to them. My problem is that I don`t have a fence, and I think that`s why my garden was chosen and a hand hole was installed on my land. Well, it`s pretty bad that they didn`t even have this thing in the ground, but what I`m not digging is that they access it by going from the front to the back (without asking) of my garden to access that hand hole. For me, they should go to the service property to get there or at least be correct and ask me if they can access it that way.

What are my rights in this way? In any case, when I get to the point where I am going to build a fence, I will lock my door and I do not intend to have the hand hole at the inner edge of the fence. I hope that the fools who walk around my garden will be dammed. The advantage granted to the dominant building is a right to prevent the building for rent from not doing something, for example. B do not build a structure on an aisle.. . . .

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